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Dubai massage club of "quality first, service first" philosophy to provide you with a massage, for the pursuit of health and a better life send your sincerity and warmth. With our hands to relieve muscle fatigue, so you get the physical and mental relaxation, the club is committed to build the whole of the most professional, most healthy and most comfortable brand of service. 
Dubai massage club has established a high-quality, high-grade, highly educated elite service team, all employees have a higher quality, with good English skills, excellent image.

Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!

Project Introduction

Continental Oil

Massage oil to massage your body. By the soft, gentle way to push aside rub on the meridian, regulate the body's excretion of harmful substances, to prevent vein dilation effect. And essential oils skin smooth effect, leaving you to feel like a duck Oh!

Thai massage

Thai is the bones, blood, meridians reach three, it can prevent frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis, osteoarthritis, backache, leg pain, fatigue and other benefits, which include French, stepped back, kneeling back, loose bone Wait. Massage can "centralizer out evil" makes blood flow, yin and yang, organs viability meridian circulation, enhance the body's immunity. Achieve "General non-pain, pain is not" in principle

Aromatherapy massage

Essential oils from plants are massaged into the skin to enhance the healing and relaxing effects of massage. Essential oils are believed to have a powerful effect on mood by stimulating two structures deep in the brain known to store emotions and memory.

Lymphatic massage

Light, rhythmic strokes are used to improve the flow of lymph (colorless fluid that helps fight infection and disease) throughout the body. One of the most popular forms of lymphatic massage, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), focuses on draining excess lymph.

Korean pine bone

Is focusing on the human skeleton with joints points to push, pull, pine and other massage techniques for your service, focused and a loose word, it makes your body relax, Yue Yang mood

Japanese massage

Japanese massage is a specific application point road practices, so the main point of Japanese-style massage is the body's arteries, Japanese massage telangiectasia can develop under the skin, increase skin elasticity, promote muscle contraction and stretching, improve body function accelerate lymph flow, improve human immunity.
Service Process
1: Service Appointment

2: In accordance with the requirements of the guests made arrangements technician; please state your full address and a fixed telephone, such as in the hotel, please provide the total telephone and room number!

3: After communication with the guests, guests can agree the service.

4: technician and a half hours to reach your home, please be patient.

5: technician arrived with customers face to face communication, such as hotel again, technicians pay the fare, request to replace the technician or service ends.

6: guest satisfaction after technicians, technicians began service.

7: Guests pay, began service.
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